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1-year postdoctoral fellowship in Biomineralization

Entreprise/Labo : Materials Science Institute; IMPMC & LCMCP / Paris

Description :

Study of the intracellular amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC) formed by cyanobacteria for the bioremediation of alkaline earth element pollutions

The Biomineralogy team of the Institute of Mineralogy, Physics of Matter and Cosmochemistry (IMPMC) together with the SMILES team of the Laboratory of Condensed Matter Chemistry of Paris (LCMCP) are looking for a Postdoc who will study the amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC) biomineralized intracellularly by some bacteria using a diverse set of cutting-edge analytical tools that are detailed thereafter. This job offer represents a unique opportunity for the candidates to achieve a major scientific work in a pluridisciplinary academic environment recognized for its excellence in materials physics and chemistry and geobiology. In particular, a strong and new analytical approach will be pursued coupling the unique expertise of LCMCP in solid state NMR and of IMPMC in TEM.  

The funding is for 1 year, starting at the soonest in September 2020. It is provided by the Institut des sciences des matériaux at the Sorbonne Université Alliance. Candidates should send a detailed CV with a letter of motivation to both Karim Benzerara and Thierry Azaïs.

Contact : Dr. Karim Benzerara, Dr. Thierry Azaïs

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