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Postdoctoral Researcher about Correlative atom probe tomography and analytical electron tomography

Entreprise/Labo : DEN/DMN/SRMA/LA2M, CEA/Saclay / Gif-sur-Yvette

Description :
A path towards the ultimate 3D characterization with sub-nanometric resolution
We are currently looking for a postdoctoral researcher to develop a Python-based framework for 3D data fusion of Atom probe tomography (APT) and analytical electron tomography (AET) signals. These techniques are excellent tools for 3D characterization of nanomaterials. However, there is a great interest in combining results obtained with these two techniques, as they are complementary in many ways: for example, AET provides 3D analysis of larger fields of views with higher spatial fidelity than APT, but has more limited spatial resolution and composition sensitivity.

After developing a framework to combine information from both APT and AET technics in a single ‘ultimate’ volume, based of existing in-house codes for registration/calibration of APT reconstruction with classical electron micrograph. The extend goal in this project is to make a further step forward applying this framework to multiphase materials, where resulted APT volumes are strongly distorted.  Sampling schemes, denoising approaches and registration methods will be implemented in order to tackle these tasks. To our knowledge, this was rarely done before and could allow better understanding of the local distortion and then proposing novel robust reconstruction algorithm and potentially correcting the local atom mixing. 

The successful applicant will be mainly based in CEA Saclay (located at 20 km south-west of Paris) with frequent visits to CEA Grenoble.

Applicants should have a Ph.D. degree. Strong Matlab and Python skills is required. Background in image analysis and signal processing will be appreciated.

Contact : Isabelle MOUTON

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